About us

Initiator Guus van der Kaaden of Hanson Publishers B.V. has years of experience in Intellectual Property through artist management, record contracts, commercials, TV programs etc.

From this experience, Guus van der Kaaden has developed a good view on negotiations about license contracts.

From his commercial background and experience with Intellectual Property, this is combined and gives the basis for issuing licenses.

Meanwhile, Hanson Uitgevers has several employees and partners who support this philosophy.


Hanson Uitgevers likes to discuss with inventors or potential inventors.

Anyone who has a good idea is welcome to us.

Initially, ideas are exchanged and the rights of the inventors will be secured by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

If there is no patent yet, we can take care of this for you.

Hanson Uitgevers makes an inventory of the market and makes a budget for the expenses and revenues, so that the license fee can be jointly determined.

We work together with the patent attorney who wrote the patent. In this way, the possibilities and impossibilities can be quickly inventoried.